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3 Common Botox Myths Debunked! Joseph A Russo, MD

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Despite the popularity of Botox, there are still a lot of misconceptions that people have about it. There are people who believe these myths and they are the ones who have not benefitted from Botox. Here at our Boston plastic surgery practice, we want our patients to know the truth about Botox so they can make an informed decision whether to have Botox or to find another treatment.

Injections are painful.

A lot of people are worried that Botox injections will cause too much pain, making them have second thoughts about the procedure. The truth is Botox injections are not painful. Individuals actually say that the sensation is similar to the feeling you get when a mosquito bites you. The pinching sensation also goes away after a couple of seconds. A fine needle is used during the procedure and anesthetics are not required.

It causes loss of facial expressions.

This is one of the main reasons why some individuals hesitate to have Botox. Botox will not cause the loss of facial expressions. In fact, it enhances expressions. Previous patients can display different expressions including smiling and looking surprised. Botox merely relaxes the muscles in the site where it is injected.

It is not safe and can be dangerous.

Botox has been around for many years and it has already established a track record of being safe. Millions of treatments have been done since its introduction. Users have not experienced any long-term side effects with Botox. Moreover, it only becomes fatal if the dose given is a hundred times more than the usual dose administered for cosmetic purposes.

Now that you know the truth about Botox, it should be a lot easier for you to determine if you want Botox or not. For more information on Botox and to correct any misconceptions you may still have about it, request an appointment with Dr. Russo by calling (617) 964-1440 today. We look forward to hearing from you!


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