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Frequently Asked Questions Joseph A Russo, MD

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What is the difference between a plastic surgeon and a cosmetic surgeon, and is one better than the other?

A cosmetic surgeon is a general term that describes any type of doctor who performs an appearance-altering surgery; for example, a dentist can be called a cosmetic surgeon and so can a dermatologist. Alternatively, a licensed plastic surgeon is a board-certified practitioner of reconstructive surgery. The difference between a cosmetic surgeon, then, and a plastic surgeon is like then the difference between a generalist and a specialist. Plastic surgeons have more hands-on experience regarding all surgeries. Boston plastic surgeon Dr. Russo has extensive training sets him apart from cosmetic surgeons. He is board-certified and licensed to perform any aesthetic procedure. Why not put yourself in the most competent physician’s hands?

Why don’t you use computer imaging?

Computer imaging seems like a glamorous way to explore the end result of plastic surgery.

However, the reality of computer images like these is that they are far less useful than they are enticing. The computer images that are generated this way can be very misleading; the computer doesn’t take a lot of medical details into accounts, such as the various differences between skin types and textures, or the effects of a patient’s medical history on his or her surgery.

Because everyone is unique, computer imaging can only approximate the general idea of the results of surgical procedures. Instead, Dr. Russo Boston plastic surgeon, invites all his potential clients to pursue samples of his work on previous patients. What better way to judge the outcome of your own procedure than to see the doctor’s similar work on other patients?

Dr. Joseph Russo - Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect from cosmetic surgery?

The best effect of cosmetic surgery, bar none, is an improved outlook on life; you can feel healthier and better about yourself. Cosmetic surgery can also slow down the aging process. What it can not do, however, is stop the clock. Patients should expect to see a younger-looking, more confident self. The outcome of plastic and cosmetic surgeries depends on the kind of procedure being performed and on the body type of the patient.

It also depends on the goal of the surgery. Not all procedures are meant to deliver dramatic outcomes; sometimes subtlety is more important than measurable inches. Thus, results are very specific, and hard to quantify in general terms. Dr. Russo’s goal is to provide the highest level of personalized, safe care that leaves patients feeling improvements in both their appearance and their sense of self. Surgery should be a worthwhile experience for the mind and body and not a stressful ordeal. Dr. Russo’s technique, unlike many managed care facilities, considers each patient’s desires and preferences. The doctor’s approach is to treat the whole person, from pre-op to post-op care.

I am interested in plastic surgery, how do I know it's the right time?

The advice about plastic surgery is to take care of the things that bother you as they arise. If you do small things now to improve your appearance, they will have a more lasting effect, and will hopefully prevent more dramatic procedures in the future. Remember that surgery is elective: you choose to have it in order to improve your appearance and feeling about your body.

The most important part of the plastic surgery process is finding a doctor who is sensitive to your goals and dreams. A consultation with Dr. Russo is a way to explore the possibilities of plastic surgery in a comfortable, relaxed setting. Dr. Russo can answer all of your questions about various procedures and offer supportive suggestions about changing your body in the process. Afterward, you’re armed with all the facts necessary about whatever procedure you are interested in. From here the ultimate decision will be up to you.

Will it be obvious that I've had plastic surgery?

Though all procedures are unique, most incisions can be made in a way that will be hidden afterward. Dr. Russo’s extensive work with scars and wound healing training as a surgeon makes him an expert at hiding scars naturally in the contours of the body (such as behind the ear, or inside the hairline).

During the consultation, before any operation, Dr. Russo discusses any visible scars with his patients so that they’ll know exactly what they can expect. In Dr. Russo’s experience, most patients say that they receive more compliments on their appearance after various procedures, but no one guesses they’ve had surgery.

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