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truSculpt in Boston, MA

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Real Results, True Transformation

Many of us, regardless of genetics, age, or lifestyle, still struggle with finding a way to get rid of those stubborn, unwanted areas of fat throughout the body. Even with healthy lifestyles and effective weight loss techniques, small pockets of fat can be persistent. With truSculpt, these annoying fat deposits can finally be eliminated. With an average of 24% fat reduction, truSculpt uses RF technology to heat and destroy fat cells for a slimmer, more contoured physique.

truSculpt at Joseph A. Russo, MD

Our team of skilled licensed aesthetic professionals, led by Dr. Joseph A. Russo, understand that each procedure, from the most technically precise surgery to more simple, non-invasive Boston Med Spa services, is the most significant procedure for that patient at that moment. Because of this, we strive to ensure excellence for every procedure we perform, including truSculpt in Boston, at our modern and comfortable facility.

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truSculpt at our Boston Med Spa

truSculpt is an advanced body contouring treatment designed to target stubborn fat pockets and enhance skin tone. truSculpt utilizes monopolar RF technology delivered deep into the targeted tissues, generating heat that melts away unwanted fat and stimulates collagen production, promoting skin tightening. The truSculpt system is equipped with real-time temperature monitoring, which ensures that the targeted tissue reaches the optimal temperature for fat reduction and collagen remodeling while maintaining a comfortable and safe experience.

Dr. Russo - Boston Plastic Surgeon

What can truSculpt do for me?

Redefine your silhouette and embrace a newfound confidence with truSculpt. With no surgery, no anesthesia, and no recovery time required, this treatment allows you to seamlessly integrate body contouring into your busy lifestyle. Our Boston truSculpt patients can see great results in a variety of areas.

Face and Neck

  • Achieve firmer, tighter skin around the face and neck.
  • Reduce a double chin or excess fat, known as submental fullness.
  • Smooth and lessen the appearance of jowls and see a more youthful, defined jawline.


  • Reduction of stubborn belly fat for a flatter, more defined abdomen.
  • Address skin laxity in the abdominal area.


  • Reduce cellulite and contour the thighs for a smoother, more sculpted appearance.
  • Enhance thigh contours and achieve a more toned look.


  • Address love handles and achieve a streamlined, contoured waistline.


  • Target excess upper arm fat and achieve more sculpted, toned biceps.
  • Improve skin firmness and elasticity for a more youthful arm appearance.

truSculpt Candidates

Many individuals who want to reduce stubborn fat and tighten loose skin in the abdomen, flanks, thighs, arms, and under the chin are great candidates for truSculpt. Patients should be at or close to their goal weight and in generally good health.

Consultation and Preparation

During your consultation, we will learn about your aesthetic goals and decide if you are a good candidate for this treatment. To prepare for the procedure, patients will need to stay hydrated and remove any hair from the planned treatment areas.

Boston TruSculpt model smiling

TruSculpt Procedure

First, your skin will be prepped to ensure it is clean and free from oils. Then, ultrasound gel will be applied and your provider will apply the handpiece to the treatment area. The treatment is fully customizable according to your comfort level to ensure optimal results. The truSculpt treatment takes about 15 minutes per treatment area.

Dr. Russo - Boston Plastic Surgeon

Results, Recovery, and Aftercare

Following treatment with truSculpt Boston patients can return to their daily routine right away since there is no downtime. Although you may experience some swelling or mild redness in the treatment area that typically resolves within one to two hours. Noticeable results are usually visible within about one to three months once most fat cells have been expelled by the body, and most patients see final results around three months after treatment. Multiple sessions may be required.

Why choose Joseph A. Russo, MD?

With a commitment to excellence and unmatched patient care, Dr. Joseph A. Russo and his dedicated team ensure that every procedure they perform, both surgical and non-surgical, is a testament to their unwavering pursuit of excellence. Harvard-trained and board-certified, Dr. Russo believes in teaching and training and ensures that everyone on his staff is highly skilled, educated, compassionate, and has mastered their craft.

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TruSculpt FAQ

TruSculpt is not painful, and most patients describe it as warm and comfortable. The temperatures can be adjusted to each patient's level of tolerance while still achieving the best possible results.

While truSculpt is considered very safe, we do require a consultation in advance to determine if you are an ideal candidate.

For most patients, optimal goals can be achieved in just one to two sessions on average.

While truSculpt can help to eliminate stubborn pockets of fat, it is not a weight loss method.

TruSculpt is a great option for most people, but it is not ideal for everyone, so it's important to consult with a qualified aesthetic professional.

The cost of truSculpt varies depending on each patient's specific goals and their particular treatment plan.

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