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SculpSure in Boston, MA

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What is SculpSure?

Boston SculpSure expert, Sabrina, uses this laser treatment as a non-invasive procedure for lipolysis, a decomposition of fatty acids.

It is the world’s first FDA approved laser treatment to shape the flanks and midsection. State of the art, this controlled light-based technology can be an ideal solution to patients looking to get rid of stubborn or discomforting fat. To see if SculpSure is the right procedure for you, contact us today and schedule a consultation appointment.

Many people feel conflicted when they think of their current body weight. Feeling self-conscious or uncomfortable with your body weight is not an uncommon sensation. In certain cases, some people may feel that exercising and proper dieting alone is not getting them the results they seek. Sometimes an extra step may be necessary to aid in the weight loss process. Our laser technician, Sabrina now offers SculpSure, an innovative solution to sculpt and define the body.

How Does SculpSure Work?

The energy provided by the laser is used to heat fat cells beneath the skin, without affecting the surface of the skin. Upon application, SculpSure raises the temperatures of the fat cells. The heat causes the fat cells to deteriorate, weakening them in structure. Over a period of approximately 3 months, the lymphatic system processes and erases the damaged and weakened fat cells.

Following this period, the fat cells are permanently destroyed and will not regenerate, leaving you with the improved look you’ve been longing for. Patients can see results as fast as 6 weeks. Optimal results can be typically noticed around 12 weeks after the procedure.

female Boston Sculpsure patient model wearing a bikini

What Are Some Benefits of SculpSure?

  • SculpSure is non-surgical and non-invasive
  • No downtime for recovery is necessary, so patients can return to their routines after treatment
  • Treated fat cells are destroyed and will not regenerate, leaving permanent results

Located in Newton, Massachusetts, Dr. Joseph Russo is an expert and educator in the field of plastic surgery and cosmetic treatments. He and his staff strive to deliver the best SculpSure Boston has to offer and believe it is important to know the patients as individuals to better understand their desires and end goals, personalize their care and customize their results. Contact us today to schedule a consultation appointment.

How Many Treatments of SculpSure Do I Need?

Since everyone is different, a customized treatment plan will be created to appropriately suit each patient, accommodating their desired goals. Patients oftentimes see optimal results when multiple areas are treated. Schedule a consultation appointment to find out what treatment plan could be right for you.

If proper dieting and exercising aren’t helping you reach your weight goals, SculpSure can be the nonsurgical solution to give you that enhanced and contoured look you desire. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with our Boston SculpSure specialist and see if it may be right for you.

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