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CoolSculpting Boston, MA

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What is CoolSculpting?

CoolSculpting has grown in popularity to become the world’s most popular non-surgical and non-invasive body contouring solution in aesthetics today. By utilizing carefully controlled cooling, CoolSculpting works to freeze away deposits of stubborn fat permanently.

Fat cells beneath the superficial layer of skin are targeted by this advanced cooling technology and frozen. Over time, these frozen fat cells are processed by the body and diminished, compressing the area. The result? A slimmer-looking you! Lots of people all over the country work hard on their diets and exercise, but they still struggle with stubborn fat in some parts of their bodies.

Some of those treatments for shaping your body can be pretty invasive and uncomfortable. But we've got you covered! Our expert aestheticians know how important it is for you to feel safe and comfortable during any treatment. That's why we're excited to offer CoolSculpting in Boston, a totally non-surgical and non-invasive way to contour your body.

State-Of-The-Art CoolSculpting Procedure

Dr. Joseph Russo is an accomplished board-certified plastic surgeon located in Newton Centre, Massachusetts, with more than 25 years of professional experience. As an esteemed specialist and educator in the fields of plastic surgery and cosmetic treatments, Dr. Russo and his team of skilled aestheticians provide cutting-edge procedures, including Boston CoolSculpting. Contact us today to set up your consultation appointment and discover if CoolSculpting may be right for you!

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Benefits of CoolSculpting

CoolSculpting has several major benefits in how it can contour and reshape your body to help you finally get rid of those fat deposits that refuse to go away despite regularly dieting and exercising. CoolSculpting can help diminish stubborn fat cells in various parts of the body, including the abdomen, back, chin region, thighs, arms, flanks, and more.

Boston Plastic Surgeon Dr. Russo

CoolSculpting Procedure

CoolSculpting is an outpatient, non-surgical treatment that will happen in the doctor’s office. You can treat each target area in less than half an hour, and continue on your day afterward. During your treatment with CoolSculpting Boston master aesthetician, Sabrina, will apply the applicator to the targeted fatty area. This sends coldness from your skin into your fat cells and begins to freeze them. These fat cells then begin to coagulate, clumping together without upsetting the surrounding tissues.

This causes the fat cells to shrink and destroys them. Your body then responds to these dead fat cells and begins to work on flushing them out of your body in a natural, safe way. As a result, your fatty layer begins to decrease by up to as much as 30% in the part of your body you had treated. Even better, the results from CoolSculpting are permanent. The fat cells are destroyed. As long as you maintain your weight with healthy eating habits and consistent exercise, your results will be lifelong.

Tissue will undergo a significant cooling sensation akin to the application of an ice pack. After 2-3 minutes, the tissue will adjust, resulting in a numbing sensation. Many patients may even find it conducive to taking a brief rest. Upon removal of the applicator, you might encounter an uncomfortable feeling of "re-warming" as your tissue readjusts to the abrupt temperature change. Rest assured, this discomfort is temporary, lasting only 2-3 minutes.

Now Offering CoolSculpting Elite!

At Joseph A Russo, MD, our Boston CoolSculpting aesthetic providers stay up-to-date on the latest treatment options to ensure the very best results, which is why we are happy to provide CoolSculpting Elite in Boston for our patients.

CoolSculpting Elite revolutionizes the already-effective CoolSculpting brand cryolipolysis by providing two applicators with up to 18% more cooling area. CoolSculpting Elite is FDA-approved for treatment in more areas than ever before, and can reduce fat in a treatment area by 20-25% per treatment. Experience the Elite difference with a CoolSculpting Elite treatment session at Joseph A Russo, MD today!

Recovery from CoolSculpting

Because CoolSculpting is non-surgical, you will not need any anesthesia and can drive yourself to your next appointment after your treatment is complete. You may experience a few mild side effects afterward, which include itching, swelling, and bruising. While these symptoms are different for every patient, your abdomen is the most sensitive area and may feel the most uncomfortable.


Non-invasive body contouring using CoolSculpting could be an ideal option if you:

  • Have realistic expectations for this procedure;
  • Are looking for a non-invasive, non-surgical treatment option;
  • Find it challenging to shed weight in specific areas despite maintaining a proper diet and engaging in regular exercise.

Although CoolSculpting has assisted numerous individuals in achieving a more contoured appearance, it's essential to note that it is not intended as a treatment for obesity. To determine whether CoolSculpting is a suitable option for you, our team will assess your specific situation during the consultation.

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CoolSculpting Results

Your results from CoolSculpting are not immediately visible, but over the next 3-4 weeks, you will start to notice changes in the treated area. As your body eliminates fat cells, your results will begin to show more and more. Our Boston CoolSculpting patients continue to see results from 1-3 months, with many patients reporting their desired results happening 6 months after treatment.

The enduring nature of CoolSculpting results makes it a promising choice for individuals seeking lasting benefits. Subsequent weight gain post-procedure may lead to the expansion of the remaining fat cells; nevertheless, the overall quantity of fat cells in the treated area(s) will be notably reduced. However, it's essential to be aware that changes in body weight can have an impact on these results. To ensure optimal outcomes, we strongly advise our patients to continue following their healthy diet and exercise regimens. By doing so, they can maximize the effectiveness of the CoolSculpting procedure and enjoy its long-term benefits. Subsequent weight gain post-procedure may lead to the expansion of the remaining fat cells; nevertheless, the overall quantity of fat cells in the treated area(s) will be notably reduced.

Boston Plastic Surgeon Dr. Russo

Your Consultation for CoolSculpting in Boston

Don't allow stubborn fat to stand in the way of body satisfaction. Our aim is to provide the best CoolSculpting Boston has to offer, as it has already enabled millions to achieve their aesthetic aspirations, and we're confident it can do the same for you! Contact us today to schedule your consultation appointment and learn if CoolSculpting is your key to a better-contoured image!

CoolSculpting FAQ

You may be working hard to keep your body healthy through proper diet and consistent exercise, but you still find areas of stubborn fat that refuse to go away. If you are at a stable weight but find your dissatisfaction growing in regards to fat on your body, CoolSculpting may be the solution you’ve been searching for.

It is possible to feel some discomfort during the treatment, but this may only be a mild level of pain. This is due to the suction device, which pulls on your skin in order to keep it stabilized. In addition, the targeted area also undergoes a brief massage after the treatment which can also be uncomfortable. However, this 2-3 minute massage is needed to stimulate the body into removing fat cells from the treated area.

Another way in which you might have discomfort during the procedure is from the applicator on the CoolSculpting device, which is cold and will cause your skin to go numb This may cause slight discomfort depending on the level of skin sensitivity during treatment, but quickly resolves to let you go about your day. There is also some slight pulling and pinching from the device as your fat cells are extracted. This occurs only around 5-10 minutes during the total treatment time.

Not at all. Despite the grip from the CoolSculpting device, this treatment is non-surgical so there will be no incisions. It’s possible to have some swelling and bruising, but that is normal and should fade within a week.

Yes! CoolSculpting has been approved by the FDA as a safe and effective treatment option to help eliminate deposits of stubborn fat. Millions of people have been sculpted through this innovative technology and have seen amazing results.

Because CoolSculpting works by first freezing your fat cells and then allowing your body to naturally eliminate them, results aren’t immediately visible. Instead, they should start to appear in 3-4 weeks, with the most noticeable changes happening up to 8 weeks after treatment.

The results from CoolSculpting are permanent if you stay at the same weight because otherwise fat cells can return to the treated area if you gain weight afterward.

Treatment prices change according to which areas you have treated. The cost of CoolSculpting will also change if you have multiple areas treated or multiple treatments. Because CoolSculpting is an elective cosmetic treatment, it is not covered by insurance and you will need to pay out of pocket. There are financing and payment plans available if needed.

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