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Clear + Brilliant in Boston, MA

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Combat Signs of Aging

Looking for an effective skin rejuvenation treatment that can help you combat the signs of aging with minimal downtime or discomfort? An exciting new treatment option that we’re proud to offer in Boston Clear + Brilliant for our patients at Joseph A. Russo, M.D. The practice of Joseph A. Russo, M.D. is happy to provide patients in the Boston areas of Massachusetts with a broad range of effective aesthetic treatments. Contact us today for more information about our practice, or to schedule your very own consultation appointment. We look forward to hearing from you!

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What is Clear + Brilliant?

Clear + Brilliant is a cutting-edge addition to any skincare routine that uses the gentle power of laser energy to correct the signs of aging or fight back against them before they develop.

The procedure is entirely safe, completely non-invasive, and has brought countless patients beautiful skin rejuvenation results. In fact, ninety-two percent of patients that have undergone a Clear + Brilliant treatment have claimed that they develop smoother, softer, younger-looking skin. Regular Clear + Brilliant treatments have been known to:

  • Improve skin tone
  • Even out skin texture
  • Decrease the size of pores

How Does Clear + Brilliant Work?

We use Clear + Brilliant system in Boston because it uses the healing power of laser energy to rejuvenate and refresh the skin. As the Clear + Brilliant applicator is moved across the skin, laser energy passes through the uppermost layers of the skin and is absorbed by the lower layers as heat.

As the deep tissues and structures of the skin absorb this heat, it triggers the body’s natural healing response. Over time, this response improves the tone, texture, and overall appearance of the skin. Unlike many other laser skin rejuvenation procedures, Clear + Brilliant’s smart tip technology uses Intelligent Optical Tracking™ to ensure that laser energy is delivered evenly across the surface of the skin. This gives patients beautiful, consistent results every time they come in for treatment.

What can I Expect from Clear + Brilliant?

Each Clear + Brilliant treatment takes up to 30 minutes to complete. Before administering treatment, a topical numbing cream may be applied to the skin to improve patient comfort.

Once treatment is over, most Clear + Brilliant Boston patients experience some degree of redness or swelling. Fortunately, this usually diminishes within 12 hours of treatment. Itchiness and skin sensitivity may also be felt for a few days after treatment.

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Am I a Candidate for Clear + Brilliant?

Nearly anyone interested in reducing or preventing the signs of aging is a potential candidate for Clear + Brilliant. This treatment is safe for individuals of all skin types. If you’d like more information about the Clear + Brilliant treatment or are interested in scheduling a consultation appointment, contact Joseph Russo, M.D. today!

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