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Breast Lift in Boston, MA

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Do Your Breasts Sag?

A person’s breast tissue can sag and be loose for a variety of reasons, and we recommend a breast lift to our patients as an effective solution to correcting this condition and help our patients achieve a more youthful breast profile. There is a marked change in the way your breast looks when you were in your teens until maybe you are in your early 20s.

Compared to what they would look after an additional 10 years especially if you got pregnant or had weight fluctuations. Diet and exercise cannot bring back the perky contours of your breasts. Boston breast lift surgeon, Dr. Joseph Russo, recommends a breast lift to correct sagging breasts. A breast lift can achieve this by repositioning both the breast and the areola to a higher and more youthful profile and removing any excess skin.

How Is a Breast Lift Performed?

During the breast lift Boston plastic surgeon, Dr. Joseph Russo uses several techniques for breast lifts depending on the results that they want to achieve. If a minor or small breast lift is needed, the procedure starts by making a donut-shaped incision encircling the entire areola.

For moderate breast lifts, the lollipop technique will be used because it allows for more skin to be removed. This involves making an incision around the areola and removing a ring of skin, after which the nipple will be elevated. A vertical incision will then be made below the areola and tissue will be removed to achieve a greater lift.

Breast lifts that require a dramatic lift, then we recommend the anchor incision. This involves removing a wedge of skin underneath the breast and repositioning the breast tissues to a higher position. This type of breast lift leaves a more noticeable scar because a significant amount of skin will be removed.

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What Should I Expect After a Breast Lift?

Following a breast lift Boston patients are advised to reduce the number of their activities for the first week after the procedure was done.

Our Boston breast lift patients could experience slight discomfort and pain during the recovery period, but they will be given medications to help alleviate the symptoms. Some patients experience mild swelling, breast tenderness, and bruising. About a week after the breast lift, our patients are scheduled for a follow-up check-up to remove the dressings and to receive instructions for the proper care of their new breasts.

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