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Breast Revision in Boston, MA

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What is Breast Revision?

Breast revision is a term that refers to the removal of old gel or silicone implants. You can also choose to replace your implants, choosing either a different size or type or correcting other issues that may have occurred during your first breast augmentation.

By changing implants, you will not only have newer implant material, but Dr. Russo can also reshape the implant pocket, which can create younger-looking contours on your breasts. Boston breast revision specialist, Dr. Joseph Russo knows how to ease your concerns and produce the best results for your breast revision needs, including breast implant removal and replacement.

Types of Breast Revision

Breast revision involves either removing the implants, replacing the implants, and/or correcting excess skin issues.

Implant Removal

Boston breast revision expert, Dr. Russo will make incisions in your skin to remove the implant. He’ll also remove any scar tissue that may have formed around the implants

Implant Replacement

If you choose to have implant replacement, this procedure will occur right after Dr. Russo removes your old ones, during which your new implants are inserted.

Breast Lift

This procedure usually happens along with implant removal and/or replacement. In it, Boston breast revision provider, Dr. Russo removes extra skin in order to tighten surrounding tissues and lift your breasts.

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Benefits of Breast Revision

Breast implants change shape and size over time, as does the surrounding breast tissue. This may result in differences that make you feel dissatisfied with your current breast implants. Breast revision allows you to address these changes in various ways.

You can change the style of the implant. You can update the implants. You can also change the size of the implants, which can be especially helpful if you’ve experienced changes in your weight that may have stretched or contracted your skin. In addition, you may be experiencing capsular contracture, which is when scar tissue around the implant contracts and causes chronic pain. Breast revision can alleviate this issue. Also, it’s possible for implants to rupture and begin to leak. Breast revision surgery can correct these issues and make sure you're experiencing the best possible results from your augmentation. Generally speaking, breast implants should be updated every ten to fifteen years.

Dr. Russo - Boston Plastic Surgeon

Breast Revision Procedure

Breast revision is an outpatient surgery that can last up to three hours, particularly if you have removal, replacement, and lift. You will be under general anesthesia or sedation the entire procedure. Dr. Russo begins by making incisions under your breasts and/or around your areolas. He will then remove your implant and scar tissue.

During your breast revision Boston plastic surgeon Dr. Russo, may help you with a new implant if you decide to add it. Dr. Russo will insert it via the incisions and place it correctly in your breast. If you are also getting a breast lift, he may make a vertical incision to complete the procedure. Once the procedures are complete, Dr. Russo will close your incisions. Afterward, you’ll be sent to a recovery room, where you’ll wake up as the anesthetic wears off.

Recovery from Breast Revision

When you go home after your breast revision, you will need to remain as still as possible in order to keep your stitches intact. In order to refrain from your normal activities, you should take several days off of work, school, or other obligations.

You should also avoid housework, shopping, and lifting (yes, even your children). Avoid driving until the seatbelt is no longer painful. While there can be some variance in healing times, expect it to take at least two weeks before returning to your normal routine, and another two weeks after that until you can participate in heavy physical activities. Swelling can take up to six weeks to fade.

Am I a Candidate for Breast Revision Surgery?

You will need to meet with Dr. Russo so he can examine you and review your medical history. Generally speaking, ideal candidates are in good health, do not smoke, and have previous breast implants.

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Dr. Russo - Boston Plastic Surgeon

Breast Revision Results

Your breast revision results are immediate, though there will be bruising and swelling that will hide the full extent of the changes right after the procedure.

As the swelling begins to go down, your breasts begin to soften, allowing them to feel more natural. Your skin also adjusts to changes in size and weight. It can take anywhere from six months to a year before they feel completely normal.

Your Consultation for Breast Revision in Boston

Breast revision can provide several benefits by updating the size or type of your implants, removing scar tissue, or simply removing your implants altogether. If you are unhappy with the current state of your breast implants and are seeking a change, book a consultation with Dr. Russo today and get started on the next step of your cosmetic journey.

Breast Revision FAQ

Breast revision is recommended when you’ve already had a breast implant. You may find you’re unhappy with their size or type, or there may be leaks, scar tissue buildup, or changes in their position. In this case, breast revision can provide the solutions you need.

Following a breast revision Boston patients may experience tenderness, soreness, and bruising. This moderate level of pain can be managed with pain relievers provided by the doctor. In addition, soreness may last up to three weeks.

Elective surgeries are usually not covered by insurance providers and must be paid out of pocket. Financing and payment options are available if needed. On the other hand, if you need breast revision for medical reasons, then your insurance provider may cover some or all of the procedure. Please note that many breast implants come with a warranty that covers the cost of the implants. However, the surgery and associated costs are not usually covered.

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