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Injectable fillers have already been giving women satisfaction by enhancing the appearance of their face. Here at our Boston Juvederm practice, we offer this amazing treatment to treat most of your facial problems, may they be wrinkles, fine creases, or depressed scars. With Juvederm, your face will look healthier and more refined with just a prick of a needle.

Juvederm and its wonders

Made of hyaluronic acid, this dermal filler naturally enhances the skin since Juvederm makes use of a natural substance found in the body that keeps the skin hydrated. Since the aging process eventually dries this substance up, the face eventually loses its beauty as well. Wrinkles start forming and some parts of the face start sagging. When this happens, you may have to consider getting a Juvederm injection.

With Juvederm, the fine lines in the corners of your face are softened, hollow cheeks are restored, and your lips could even appear fuller. Other than treating wrinkles, Juvederm could also help shape the jaw line. As the hyaluronic acid gel is directly injected to your skin, the wrinkles are filled as the skin becomes smoother.

Pain is not an issue

Most patients worry about pain in any treatment, but they should not do so when it comes to Juvederm. Its formulation contains Juvederm XC, which stands for extra comfort. This formula contains lidocaine, which is an anesthetic substance. Although the treatment may cause bruising, redness, and swelling due to the injections, the unwanted symptoms are temporary and stay in the skin for less than a week. With Juvederm, the benefits significantly outweigh the temporary side effects.

If you are interested in getting the treatment, give our Boston plastic surgery team a call at (617) 964-1440. We would love to help you look years younger through Juvederm.

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