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At-Home Dermarolling Tips Joseph A Russo, MD

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A form of microneedling, dermarolling involves a small wheel covered in tiny needles that gently prick the skin. Although they might seem like mini torture devices, dermarolling can help clear acne scars, fade fine lines, and even out skin tone when used properly.

What should I look for in a dermaroller?

Personal at home rolls should range between 0.2-0.3mm for effective results and increased product absorption and anything longer in depth would be considered a clinical or medical roller, which can be dangerous without professional guidance. When you’re dermarolling at home, it’s important to select the length of your roller based on your age and skin type.

As a rule of thumb, consider the following lengths for your skin type:

  • Delicate, dry skin: 0.2mm
  • Thick, oily skin: 0.3mm

You’ll also what to make sure that your roller is made from medical grade materials to prevent damage to the skin and transmission of bacteria.

How to Clean and store Your Dermaroller

After every use, clean your dermaroller with water and alcohol and always store it in an airtight container that suspends the needles so they do not bend, dull, or transmit bacteria.

How to Dermaroll at Home

At-home dermarolling is simple and effective, and depending on the condition you are trying to correct, you will want to roll more frequently. For maintenance and preventative treatment, rolling 1-2 times per week is ideal. If you are addressing textural issues, such as acne scarring or post inflammatory pigmentation, you can increase your rolling to 3-4 times per week.

Tips for At-Home Rolling:

  • Roll on a clean, dry face
  • Layer on gentle products such as growth factors, hyaluronic acid, or hydrators after the treatment
  • Avoid harsh acids such as ascorbic, alpha hydroxy, salicylic, and prescription strength topicals
  • If you are going to incorporate new products into routine, be sure to patch test first
  • Roll each area of your face five times vertically, five times horizontally, and five times cross hatch
  • Sunscreen should be used daily

Are you interested in dermarolling for corrective concerns such as hair loss, scar revisions, or stretch marks? In-office treatment is recommended for optimal results but you can also start by rolling daily with the correct products!

Products Our Team Recommends

Eliminate any abrasive scrubs from your routine and use gentle acids such as Alpha Hydroxy, Beta Hydroxy, or Glycolics to exfoliate instead. We love hydrating serums such as Hyaluronic and B5 because they act as humectants, pulling water internally as well as from the environment to hydrate your skin.

Both the SkinCeuticals Metacell and Triple Lipid have a consistency that mimics the natural lipid barrier, working to smooth away flaky skin or refining the results of the recommended acids. The Metacell also has Niacinamide, which reduces inflammation and irritation caused by overexposure to the cold, wind, and forced heat. These products are available at our Boston plastic surgery practice.

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