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Benefits of Breast Implants with Your Breast Lift Joseph A Russo, MD

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Breast Combination Procedures in Newton Centre, MA

Many women undergo breast lifts every year – especially to combat signs of aging in the breasts, or to tighten up loose skin after losing a lot of weight. A breast lift will firm up your chest, cutting away sagging skin, and giving your chest a younger, perkier look. What most women don’t consider is the change that will occur in breast size after getting a lift.

The Procedure

A breast lift is performed by your doctor making an incision near the areola usually. This depends on how much skin needs to be trimmed and where there is the most sagging. The skin is pulled up to firm the chest and held in place by attaching it to firm tissue or bone inside the chest. Then, any excess skin is trimmed away, incisions are closed up and you’re left with a beautifully firmed chest. But another thing you will most likely be left with – a smaller cup size!

Combining Benefits

Cutting away so much skin will reduce size, but while you are having a breast lift, you could also choose to have implants inserted during the procedure. This will allow you to either keep your past cup size, or even get a larger size depending on what you would like. You could choose to use smaller implants for a more natural-looking chest, or go for a more buxom look with bigger implants. You can make this decision with your doctor before your procedure, by seeing what size each implant is, and how it would look on you by ‘trying it on’.

Dr. Russo Delivers Results

Breast combination procedures being Dr. Russo’s most popular procedure, he is greatly experienced in performing them. Any concerns you have will be addressed beforehand, and you can discuss exactly what sort of results you would like – and get them! Give us a call today to earn about how you can improve your look by combining a breast lift with a breast augmentation at his Boston plastic surgery office.

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