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Benefits of Gummy Bear Breast Implants for Breast Augmentation Joseph A Russo, MD

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Commonly referred to as gummy bear breast implants, cohesive silicone gel implants are currently among the most popular options for breast augmentation in all the world. These implants have an inherently stable form, meaning that they’re capable of maintaining their original shape for a significantly longer period of time than traditional saline or silicone implants. As a result, they provide far more natural and visually appealing results overall. There are many impressive benefits that gummy bear breast implants provide.

Unchanging Results

Traditional silicone and saline implants are gradually affected by the natural shape of a woman’s breast. Moreover, they are constantly subject to the laws of gravity. Over time, these implants will slowly morph into new shapes due to the pressure applied by the surrounding tissues and the constant pull of gravitational forces. More importantly, as women move and stretch and as their chest muscles contract and relax, it is often possible to see the shape of silicone and saline implants just beneath the skin.

At our office near Boston Gummy bear breast implants are offered because have the power to reshape the breast, rather than the other way around. They dictate what shape the breast will take and they are virtually impervious to the many forces affecting the muscles and breast tissues that surround them. Once these implants have been put in, the breast tissue will naturally conform to them. As a result, the breasts will continue to maintain the initial improvements gained via breast augmentation surgery for many years.

No Ripples or Folds

Another major benefit in choosing cohesive silicone gel implants over traditional silicone or saline options is the ability to avoid unsightly ripples, ridges, and folds. Gummy bear breast implants have a very distinct and unchanging shape and thus, the filling inside of these structures does not move about. Given the tight molecular bonds of cohesive gel implants, these structures are highly unlikely to collapse or develop noticeable wrinkles and folds, even as women bend over, twist their torsos, or engage in other physical activities.

Avoid Leakage

Cohesive gel implants additionally minimize the likelihood of potentially dangerous leaks. In most instances, leaking implants are the result of broken shells. Silicone and saline shells typically break directly at their fold lines. Given that fold lines are incredibly uncommon with gummy bear implants, the risk of leaking is greatly reduced.

In the rare event that a gummy bear implant does break, the solid materials at its interior will usually stay in place. For this reason, these implants are often considered to be the safest option for breast augmentation, particularly among women who lead highly active lifestyles.

Fewer Problems with Scar Tissue

Women are less likely to develop extensive problems with scar tissue when choosing gummy bear breast implants over the alternatives. Also, having a firmer implant with the capability of retaining its intended shape over the long-term prevents the body from tightly contracting around the implant, which in turn limits scarring. With less scar tissue, women can enjoy entirely natural-looking results along with smooth and blemish-free skin across the treatment area.

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