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by Slone Mathieu


The biggest beauty trend of 2015 was face sculpting.  You may call it contouring, highlighting, strobing or baking.  By any name the result is the same: a perfectly contoured face by the means of makeup. Have you ever tried face sculpting?  We have….

The average person should start with a proper tutorial.  They’re all over the Internet: YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest.  After you’ve lost a few hours down that rabbit hole, you will realize that you don’t own any of the necessary tools to achieve this look.  You’ll need to purchase a lot of heavily pigmented shades that contrast your normal skin tone.  Highlighters, low-lighters, bronzers, setting powders, creamy concealers.  And don’t forget your specialty applicators.  Sponges, synthetic brushes, powder puffs, foundation blenders and more.  Now you’re ready to begin.

Cleanse and prep the skin.  Apply the initial contours in a dense layer and begin to buff and blend the product together.  After 30-40 minutes you will have the perfect canvas to begin the rest of your makeup application.  You can blush those chiseled cheeks, powder that perfect nose, redefine the invisible lip line, and color in your contoured eyes.

When all is said and done you’ll look like you’re ready for your own reality TV show, and you’ll be left deplete of any nuances that make you who you are.  Gone are the freckles that your boyfriend loves, or the mole that reminds your husband of Cindy Crawford.  You can say so long to the shape of your nose, that looks just like your Mom, or the slope of your jaw, that you passed on to your Daughter.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with wanting to correct the things that bother you…there just might be an easier way.  One that doesn’t involve restocking your entire makeup arsenal and setting your alarm clock an hour earlier every day.

Why not book an appointment with Dr. Russo and Staff to discuss the many ways they can use fillers, such as Juvederm, Belotero, Restylane and Radiesse, to create more permanent contours.  If you prefer, you can use your own fat cells or platelet-rich plasma for a similar effect.  In fact, the options and possibilities are endless, and the results are far more natural than layers or makeup.  Press the snooze button and let your skin breath.  Boston plastic surgeon, Dr. Russo can take care of the rest….

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