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Do Your Breasts Need a Lift? Joseph A Russo, MD

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Women sooner or later will have saggy and droopy breasts. This is why plastic surgery procedures of the breast, such as a breast lift, have grown more and more popular over the years in Boston, MA. You may want to have a breast lift, but do you really need one?

The Appearance of Your Breasts

Of course, a major factor that will make you a candidate for a breast lift is the appearance of your breasts. Individuals who have breasts that sag or have lost volume and shape due to aging or a previous pregnancy can benefit from a breast lift. Moreover, if you have noticed your breasts to have become flatter and pendulous, as well as your nipples and areolas to have fallen downward, then those breasts definitely need a lift.

Age and Breastfeeding

Candidates for a breast lift are those who have come of age, preferably on or over the age of 18. This is because the breasts need to be fully developed before any manipulations can be made. On the other hand, women who still want to breastfeed even after their breast lift may do so. The operation can be done before or after a woman’s pregnancy.

Considering Health Issues

It is extremely important for an individual undergoing breast lift, or any other surgical procedure, to have good overall health. A good candidate for this procedure is one who does not smoke. Smoking can interfere with the body’s blood clotting mechanism and may sabotage the success of the procedure later on. It would also help if the patient has already maintained a stable weight to avoid any need for a breast lift revision in the future.

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