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Be Comfortable: Reduce the Size of Your Breast Joseph A Russo, MD

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Small breasts might not sound as appealing to most women, but women with big breasts worry about having them, too. Big breasts do not just gain more unwanted attention, but it might also be physically uncomfortable. Here at our Boston plastic surgery practice, Dr. Russo performs breast reduction to help women with this problem. This procedure removes some breast tissue or skin to reduce its size and give it more contour.

Why breast reduction helps

Breast reduction is not only used to reduce breast size, but it also makes your breasts look good as changes to their weight, shape, and firmness are made. Although it proves helpful as it changes the breasts physically, it could provide women with a number of significant benefits as well.

Having large breasts could interfere with one’s posture and breathing. Back pains and neck pains are also common problems that women with large breasts experience. As the breasts are pulled down by gravity, they pose constant additional weight to the body leaving indentations on your shoulders from your bra straps, which can cause irritation and discomfort.

Furthermore, as much as you would like to participate in sports and other physical activities, large breasts could interfere with your mobility and performance as you may feel uncomfortable and awkward. With bigger breasts, it might also be quite embarrassing to wear skimpy clothes and any swimwear.

Know more about breast reduction

You may feel like you are fit for the procedure, but breast reduction is not for everyone. You have to determine if you would still want to breastfeed after the surgery since some breast reduction patients are not able to do so after the procedure.

It is important to get the facts straight beforehand. Contact Dr. Russo at (617) 964-1440 and schedule an appointment today to learn more about breast reduction.

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