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Correct Asymmetrical Breasts with Breast Augmentation Joseph A Russo, MD

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You are happy with your body for the most part. You are at a weight that works for you. You have curves in the right places. You do everything right when it comes to taking care of yourself. There is only one problem. Your breasts are asymmetrical. You don’t want to be bigger or smaller. You just want a balanced appearance. The only way you can look right is to create an illusion with a bra. When the bra comes off, you are faced with breasts that aren’t equal in shape and size. You don’t have to accept yourself the way that you are. Breast augmentation could help you achieve balance.

Why Consider Breast Augmentation?

You may typically think of breast augmentation as a way to enlarge your breasts. However, you can also have breast augmentation to balance the appearance of your bust. Implants can be inserted into your breasts to make them match. Our plastic surgeon can help you to make this procedure work for you. You need to begin by having an evaluation to find out what the next step will be.

What Happens During Your Consultation?

Our Boston plastic surgeon will examine your breasts to pinpoint the problem. Once your asymmetrical breasts have been evaluated, our plastic surgeon can help you to choose implants that are the right size for you. You don’t have to enhance your breasts and pump up the volume. Think of your implants as a way to shape your breasts so that they finally match.

Once our surgeon has determined the right direction to go, you can get ready for your surgical procedure. You will be given instructions on how to care for yourself after the surgery. Once your breasts have fully healed, you will be able to admire your symmetrical breasts for years to come.

Talk to Our Plastic Surgeon About Your Breasts

Place yourself in the talented hands of Dr. Joseph A. Russo to give yourself the balanced breasts that you have always wanted. You can boost your confidence in yourself when you are happy with your bust. Whether you have your bra or not, you can feel secure that your breasts are the way that they should be. Set up a consultation in Newton in order to get our surgeon’s evaluation. We happily serve clients in the New England and Boston areas. Contact us today to schedule a Boston plastic surgery appointment to learn more about breast augmentation!

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