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Eliminate Your Double Chin With Kybella Joseph A Russo, MD

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Do you hate your double chin, but think nothing short of surgery can help? You’ve probably tried firming creams or other products with no luck. Fortunately, there is an alternative. At our office near Boston Kybella is offered as an FDA-approved cosmetic treatment for the reduction of a double chin. It’s an injectable procedure, meaning it’s non-surgical and convenient. Keep reading to discover more about this revolutionary option and how it may be able to help you get rid of that unsightly double chin once and for all.

About Double Chin and Kybella

The term “double chin” refers to the layer of fat that sits below your chin. Medically, it’s known as “submental fat.” This added layer of fat significantly changes your profile and appearance. Kybella can help to reduce this fullness, leading to a sleeker contour. There are many causes for double chin including genetics, weight gain, and aging. A Kybella treatment can reduce this double chin in a treatment session that only lasts about a half-hour. Patients typically require between one and four treatment sessions, spread a month or so apart.

How It Works

The main ingredient in Kybella is deoxycholic acid. This substance is found naturally in your body and is known to burn fat. An injection of Kybella completely eliminates fat in the target area. Results are permanent because the fat cells are effectively eliminated. The dead fat cells will be flushed from your body through a process of natural metabolism. New layers of fat will not return to be stored beneath the chin.

Safety and Considerations

Kybella is a non-surgical option for reducing a double chin. There is no downtime needed, and you can go right back to your daily routine immediately. It’s an in-office procedure that has been shown to be safe and is FDA-approved. Thus, you can have peace of mind that there is little risk involved.

Candidates for Kybella

In most cases, Kybella is an appropriate option for those looking to reduce a double chin. It’s best if you have a great deal of elasticity to your skin. Those who possess a large amount of muscle, fat, or excess skin in the area to be treated might need to consider surgical removal over Kybella.

If you have a slight double chin and wish to achieve a smoother, sleeker facial profile, consider coming to the office of Dr. Joseph A. Russo. Our practitioners will be happy to provide answers to your questions and to help assess whether Kybella is right for you. We want to provide you with the best Kybella treatment Boston has to offer. Feel free to give us a call to schedule a Boston plastic surgery appointment.

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