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Eliminate Stubborn Body Fat with Liposuction Joseph A Russo, MD

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While watching your diet and paying close attention to your exercise routine will usually result in the figure you desire, almost everyone has troubling areas that they just can’t get rid of no matter how hard they try. For some people, it’s a set of love handles. Others may struggle with saddlebags on their thighs or a stubborn roundness on their lower belly. If you’re dealing with fat deposits that aren’t responding to all of your efforts, liposuction may be the answer.

The Goal of Liposuction

This procedure is used for sculpting and contouring. It cannot be used to whittle off a big beer belly or a huge behind. Liposuction only removes a few pounds of fat, at best, as it creates a better outline. With this in mind, you can plan your future accordingly. If you need help losing large amounts of weight, another surgery may be needed first.

The Ideal Candidate for Liposuction

In addition to being generally healthy and strong, there are several features good potential candidates for liposuction share. First, you want to have healthy, elastic skin in the treatment area. Next, you will want to make sure your weight is stable. If you are overweight or underweight and get liposuction, a change in weight could bring back the same stubborn fat deposits. Lastly, you want to be a non-smoker. Smoking is terrible for your body and complicates healing.

Understanding the Process

Liposuction is done while the patient is under an anesthetic, meaning the patient will not feel a thing. Our Boston liposuction surgeon then uses a special tool to remove the stubborn fat from your body. Several areas can be treated during one surgery, if necessary. Most patients don’t find healing from liposuction to be too bad at all. Of course, our team of professionals will give you specific post-op instructions to ensure that you heal properly.

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If you are struggling with problem spots of stubborn fat, liposuction may be able to help you get the figure you want. Feel free to call the office of Dr. Joseph A. Russo, MD in Newton and schedule an appointment if you would like a professional evaluation of your case. If you have any questions or concerns, we’d be delighted to discuss them with you as we determine if liposuction is right for eliminating your stubborn fat. Contact our Boston plastic surgery office today to book your consultation to learn more.

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