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While genetics is a factor to consider when figuring out skin aging, your habits actually play a huge role in the development of wrinkles, lines and the current state of your skin. These habits may seem harmless but if you add up the length of time  you’ve been doing them, their effects could prove to be the main culprits of premature aging and damage. Dr. Joseph Russo recommends a session of Botox to improve skin texture and greatly reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

3 Common Skin Care Mistakes

Before delving into the details of how Botox could help you, you might want to learn more about the most common skin care mistakes which seem harmless at first but actually add up to noticeable damage once they become habits on your end.

1. Cigarette smoke. One of the worst things you could actually do to accelerate skin aging is smoking cigarettes. Apart from its detrimental effects to your body’s main organs, smoking cigarettes greatly reduces your skin’s ability to heal and regenerate itself.

2. Skipping Sunscreen. While 10 percent of skin aging and wrinkles could be traced back to genetics, 90 percent of it is a result of sun exposure. While most people are now aware of this, the  most common blunders include not putting enough sunscreen and not re-applying it frequently as instructed. The most common recommended amount for sunscreen is a fill of shot glass and should be reapplied every 40 to 80 minutes when exposed to the sun.

3. Not Getting Enough Snooze. When you’re sleeping, your body relaxes and most the energy is shifted to rejuvenating your organs, including the skin. As the body’s largest organ, the skin takes the highest toll when you do not have enough sleep thus the ragged look the next day should not come as a surprise.

Tighten Your Skin with Botox!

Since it’s FDA approval for cosmetic use, Botox has been the ultimate weapon against crow’s feet, forehead wrinkles and softening frown lines. Botox is a very safe cosmetic procedure and does not require you to stay at the clinic for a long period of time.

For some people, the effects of Botox could last for 8 months while for some, it could only last for 2 months. On an average, the effects of Botox could last between 4 to 6 months so you will most likely need roughly 2 to 3 treatments in a year. Recent research has also shown that the longer you consistently use Botox, the longer the effects will last.

The effects of Botox is not noticeable right away. Full effects are often noticed around the seventh day but subtle differences could be observed on the third day.

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