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Eyes on the Prize Joseph A Russo, MD

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By Slone Mathieu

We love a good consult! Analyzing a concern, hashing out a plan, and
applying our skills. For most cosmetic complaints we have several
options and price points to help our patients reach their goal.
However, there are the occasional conditions that require a direct
approach and sometimes it’s hard to help the patient see clearly,
especially when that is the precise nature of the problem.

Saggy eyes, droopy lids, ptosis, luggage, bags, whatever you want to
call it…the eyes can present a real medical problem and an
undeniable cosmetic issue. It can impair your vision and make you look
years older. These conditions occur for a variety of reasons:
genetics, a drop in hormone production, a depletion of collagen and
elastin coupled with gravity, allergies, lack of sleep, or a salty
diet. Very few of these consults care about why it’s happening – it is
what it is – but they want a clear-cut answer on how to fix it.

Here’s where you need to keep your eyes in the prize, because
oftentimes a patient does not like the answer. This is not a hard
sell. These are the facts.

You can buy endless creams and eye treatments; the moisture will
superficially improve the appearance. You can replenish fatty acids
and proteins topically and internally; you’ll create a healthy cell
and increase your membrane function. You can eat an anti-inflammatory
diet of leafy greens, orange and red vegetables, and deep colored
fruits; you’ll encourage a healthier body and stave off a host of
other complaints. You can reduce some inflammation by increasing
circulation and draining the lymph; it’s a feel good, look good
approach. You can even try a costly treatment such as Ulthera or
Thermage; a subtle lift might help.

However, in the end, the only cure and correction for saggy, droopy
eyes is Blepharoplasty. This is a surgical procedure designed to
remove fat or skin from the lid or the under eye area. The operation
is performed in-office, requiring 1-3 hours for completion, with no
visible scarring, and minimal down-time.  I know surgery can seem
intimidating, but the procedure is so precise and practiced, that
within 48 hours you are on your way to recovery. In fact, it presents
the perfect opportunity to add on another surgical procedure while
your at it.

Dr. Russo and Staff have performed countless Blepharoplasty to amazing
success and satisfaction. You won’t believe the results, until you
actually see them!

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