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Medicine has improved so much in the past few decades. Between eradicating diseases, new treatments, and vaccinations and anesthesia, the technology to help our bodies along has skyrocketed. One of the newer subfields that has developed is that of plastic surgery, especially facial cosmetic surgery. All these innovative procedures are designed to give each patient the look they have always wanted. One of the popular surgeries available is the brow lift. Dr. Russo works with the best technology and staff to give you your personal, ultimate look through this procedure.

What Does the Brow Lift Procedure Entail?

If you are fed up with wrinkles and lines appearing on your forehead or under your eyes, a brow lift is for you! With the passage of time, your facial skin and eyes start drooping, and this causes you to look older. But as brow lift procedures have shown positive and fruitful effects, many people are now using this procedure to get a fresher and younger look. This procedure eliminates these signs of aging. There are two different techniques you can choose from:

  • Surgical: In the surgical procedure, small incisions are made (and later hidden) in the hairline. Through these cuts, the doctor injects safe chemicals that cause the underlying area to perk up, giving your face “lift.” It is not a major surgical procedure. Even though you’re technically going under the knife, it is a quick surgery with only minute incisions. Moreover, recent technological improvements have made the procedure essentially painless.
  • Non-surgical: In the non-surgical procedure, sound waves are directed into the skin, which causes the brow and forehead area to tighten, giving you and your facial skin a rejuvenated look. This technique is noninvasive and causes tissue tightening.

Whichever technique you use, you are sure to experience mind-blowing results. Brow lifts are highly effective. And with your new face, you just might see a change in your attitude about yourself. Gain more confidence and look stunningly beautiful after a brow lift. Schedule an appointment with Boston plastic surgeon, Dr. Russo to discuss the details today!

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Your body is constantly changing. Gravity, age, and the elements are constantly pulling at you. But you are not alone in this fight. The doctors and aesthetic experts at Joseph A Russo, MD are also in constant motion, relentlessly innovating better ways to overcome the entropic effects of time and gravity.