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Surgery isn’t the only way to sculpt the trim and toned midsection that you have always wanted. With SculpSure technology, our team can quickly and safely melt away stubborn body fat without the need for a surgical procedure. This body contouring procedure has helped countless patients rebuild their confidence and restore their figure.

The Phenomenon Known as Lipolysis

Lipolysis is the natural process of breaking apart fatty tissue and then using that tissue as energy. This phenomenon is the reason why you can lose weight when you burn more calories than you consume. Unfortunately, studies have shown us that it isn’t possible to “spot treat” fatty tissue. When your body needs energy, it will metabolize any soft tissue that it can find. For some people, it might take years of hard work before they see any changes to their waist or torso.

SculpSure triggers lipolysis in a specific area with a powerful laser, and that gives our team full control over which fat melts away. When these lasers are directed at the stomach, they will break apart the outer walls of the fat cells so that your body can naturally expel them. Within weeks of your appointment, your body will gradually metabolize the damaged fat cells just as if you were on a strict diet.

Why SculpSure?

At our office in Boston SculpSure offers you a non-surgical body contouring option. It is a quick and convenient treatment that produces great results. A small device is placed over your stomach to disrupt and damage the fat cells. The vast majority of patients who have SculpSure carried out state that they feel nothing more than gentle heat during their treatments. Once the session is over, you can immediately resume your normal daily activities.

The Ideal Candidate

If you are a relatively healthy adult who is struggling with small pockets of abdominal fat, then you will most likely be a great candidate for this non-invasive treatment. We schedule an initial consultation with all of our new patients to make sure that they understand all the details of the procedure before the first session is carried out. Our team will also give you instructions on what you can do to maximize the results of your treatment.

During a consultation at the office of Joseph A. Russo, MD near Boston, we can let you know if you are a good candidate for SculpSure. Contact us today to schedule an appointment at our Boston plastic surgery clinic to learn more!

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