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Am I a Good Candidate for Rhinoplasty? Joseph A Russo, MD

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Rhinoplasty has to be one of the best known cosmetic procedures currently available next to a facelift. In fact, when people think about someone getting cosmetic surgery, one of the first things they wonder is whether or not they’ve had their nose done. One of the reasons why rhinoplasty is such a popular procedure is because of how effective it can be in changing a person’s appearance.

Your nose is one of the most prominent features on your face. If it is too large, too small, or crooked, it can drastically affect your appearance in a negative way. Your nose is what gives your face balance.

At our office near Boston nose jobs are usually done for cosmetic reasons. But it should also be acknowledged that a lot of people have the procedure done for medical reasons. If a person has a deviated septum or another defect with their nose that is affecting their ability to breathe, rhinoplasty is often the solution. Interestingly, when a person has this surgery done to improve a medical problem, the end result is often an improvement in the aesthetic appearance of their nose as well.

A nose job surgery must only be performed by a surgeon who understands the aesthetic and functional structure of the nose. This is because rhinoplasty is by far one of the most challenging cosmetic procedures performed.

The techniques involved in rhinoplasty have improved drastically over the past few years. Rhinoplasty surgery can do a lot to fix a misshapen nose. However, there are certain structures in your face that cannot be adjusted, and so you have to be realistic when it comes to what you want the end result of your procedure to be.

Just like liposuction or eyelid surgery, rhinoplasty surgery is not a one-size-fits-all deal. Just because a small button nose looks perfect on your friend, this does not mean that is going to look right for you. When it comes to noses, everyone’s nose is different and it should be in proportion to their face. Really, what you want after your surgery is for your face and your nose to look natural. You want your nose to be in balance or in harmony with the rest of your face.

More than almost any other surgical procedure, rhinoplasty has the ability to affect the way you look. When your nose is in harmony with your face, you look attractive, you feel confident and it can lead to a better quality of life. Visit the office of Dr. Joseph A. Russo, MD in Newton to learn more about how this procedure can benefit you. Dr. Russo serves as a Boston plastic surgeon and in it's surrounding New England areas. We strive to provide one of the nose job surgery Boson has to offer, so contact us today to schedule your consultation.

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