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Is Tattoo Removal Right For You? Joseph A Russo, MD

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Do you have a tattoo that you no longer like? Maybe it represents an ended relationship, maybe a word is spelled incorrectly, maybe it was a cheap and poorly done tattoo, or maybe you just don’t feel like the tattoo suits you any more. Tattoo removal may be the right solution, but it isn’t the only solution. Keep reading to learn more about your options:

Hiding Your Tattoo

Tattoos are very personal. If you aren’t sure whether or not you want to remove a tattoo, temporarily hide it and see what you think. You can cover your tattoo with clothing, jewelry, or carefully applied makeup. This gives you a chance to see yourself without the tattoo and see what you think. It can also be a useful solution for covering a tattoo for a special occasion if you don’t want to worry about upsetting your great-aunt at the next family member’s wedding.

Covering it With A New Tattoo

If you still like the idea of a tattoo and you like the placement of your tattoo, but you don’t like the particular artwork, you can ask a tattoo artist about a cover up. This can be a good option for a smaller tattoo that has aged, or a simple tattoo that just no longer represents who you are. You should consider the fact that a cover up tattoo will be larger than your original tattoo, so it will be more noticeable. If you choose this option, be absolutely sure you love the placement, design, and meaning associated with the tattoo.

Removing Your Tattoo

If you no longer want your tattoo, laser tattoo removal is a good option. Just like getting a tattoo, laser tattoo removal is a little bit painful and it is permanent. Be sure that this is what you want. Most patients consider have a tattoo removed less painful than getting a tattoo in the first place. During the procedure, a laser will be used to break down the ink inside your skin. It will take time for the results to take effect, and most tattoos require multiple treatments to go away entirely. Laser tattoo removal can also be used to fade a tattoo before getting a new tattoo to cover the old one.

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