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Microneedling and Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) The Power & Beauty Within Joseph A Russo, MD

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by Sabrina King and Slone Mathieu

Here’s the real beauty of aging – internal growth.  With any luck, and just a little effort, you will inevitably become smarter, wiser, tougher, and way cooler!  Maybe you’ll even carry a few battle wounds from your life’s adventure: a mark left from chickenpox that kept you home for weeks, a scar from the winning goal that left you bloody, sun spots from your first real vacation, stretch marks from your last unexpected baby, or hair loss from your extremely successful and stressful career.

These are the very events that define who you are, and everything you needed to make these milestones possible and enjoyable was found within.  As you get older, you relish in the accomplishments and the memories, but you may not want to face the actual war wounds.  Ironically, when it comes to correcting these battle scars and trying to turn back time, the best approach still comes from within.  Your very own blood plasma holds the key!

Plasma is obtained by drawing a small amount of your own blood and separating the platelets from the red matter.  What is left are the straw colored platelets which contain growth factors and tremendous healing properties. When combined with microneedling, there are noticeable effects after one treatment!  With continued therapy and proper home care, scars and wounds can be revised, sunspots and stretch marks can be erased, and even hair can be harvested.  If microneedling with PRP can guarantee these advanced results, just imagine what it can do for your basic beauty concern!?!

Microneedling is performed with an FDA approved medical grade device that creates tiny micro-injuries in the skin.  Your own natural growth factors rush to the area to stimulate healing, collagen building, and skin remodeling.  Bathing the skin with PRP during the process vastly improves your end result.  PRP can also be injected under the skin to fill areas of volume loss, increase collagen, and thicken the skin, particularly under the eyes and in the lower face. If you have dermal filler already, PRP injections are a terrific way to enhance the results

The treatment is easy and well tolerated. Your skin will appear red for 24-48 hours. Mild dryness and flaking can occur at days 2-4. Collagen building begins at about day 14. A series of 3 monthly treatments is recommended for optimal results.

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