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Fine lines and wrinkles represent some of the most disfiguring age-related skin conditions. They can take a beautiful, smooth face and turn it into something that looks ten years older than the person is. The worst part is that procedures designed to correct fine lines and wrinkles have traditionally required invasive surgery that puts additional stress on the body increases the patient’s risk of infection and results in side effects, like prominent scarring. Some patients have even found that their age-related symptoms resurface a few years after undergoing procedures like facelifts.

The good news is that Botox represents a breakthrough in the world of cosmetic restoration. It is a non-invasive treatment designed to uniquely treat the underlying factors that can cause the collagen to deform beneath the skin.

Why Do Lines and Wrinkles Form?

Before understanding how Botox works, it’s important to understand how wrinkles and fine lines form. The skin has multiple layers. Most features related to the form of the skin are the result of the way bone, muscle, fat and other tissues look deep beneath the skin.

Lines and wrinkles form as the result of the collagen layer, which is beneath the more visible layers of the skin, undergoing undesirable changes. This layer may undergo deformation due to the body’s inability to repair itself, or due to repeated pressures upon this layer.

General lines and wrinkles are relatively easy to treat with dermal fillers, but it is the second type caused by pulling and pushing upon the collagen layer that is difficult to treat. This is because the underlying cause tends to be the muscles of the face, which in turn continue to deform the collagen even after a patient has undergone treatment. This is why lines and wrinkles around the mouth, eyes and nose tend to be both the most prominent and the hardest to treat.

How Botox Works

At our office near Boston Botox is offered because is different from other injectable procedures. It aims to treat the underlying causes of lines and wrinkles rather than the deformed collagen. It works by diminishing the muscle’s ability to send and receive neural signals. This results in less flexing of the collagen tissue, which in turn can minimize lines and wrinkles. The results patients see are generally immediate, and last around six months to a year, depending upon the site of injection.

Is Botox Right for Treating Your Lines and Wrinkles?

To see if Botox is the right for you, make an appointment at the office of Boston plastic surgeon, Dr. Joseph A. Russo, MD right outside Boston. We can determine the best procedures for rejuvenating your face without using a scalpel. We work hard to deliver the best Botox Boston has to offer, so contact us today to schedule your consultation!

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