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Restore Lost Facial Volume with Juvederm Joseph A Russo, MD

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Restore Lost Facial Volume with Juvederm | Dr. Russo Blog

The aging process is so slow. For this reason, it is almost impossible for you to see the changes that take place in your face when you look at yourself in the mirror every single day. One of the biggest changes that most people notice in their face over the course of five or 10 years is the loss of facial volume. Facial volume is what gives your face its plump, youthful appearance. The facial fat that you have is what prevents your bone structure from being too pronounced in your face. People dealing with a loss of facial volume may be perfect candidates for Juvederm.

As you get older, the amount of collagen that you have in your face drastically diminishes. At the same time, your body stops producing hyaluronic acid at the same level as it did in youth. Couple that with things like stress, smoking, gravity and the sun and little by little your facial volume disappears.

Facial aging is almost always connected to the loss of facial volume. If you want to stay youthful, then you need to maintain your fat and volume levels in your face at the same level they were when you were younger. Having a full face prevents wrinkling, prevents sagging and prevents you from having a sunken appearance.

Thankfully, there are a lot of relatively easy things that you can do to restore facial volume. One of the most effective and easiest ways to restore your facial volume is to use a dermal filler like Juvederm®.

Juvederm® is a powerful tool, especially when used in the hands of a skilled provider like the ones at our office. Our specialists know just how to skillfully inject this hyaluronic acid-based filler into the desired areas of your face. The entire process is quick and easy, and the results are immediate.

One of the nice things about using Juvederm® to restore your facial volume is that it is designed to look natural. You will walk out of our office with a revitalized face. People will notice that you look younger, but they will likely think it’s just because you got some rest. They will not think that you look younger because you have had work done. In addition to adding volume to your face, Juvederm® can be used to fill in lines and wrinkles.

Using Juvederm® to rejuvenate your face produces long-lasting results. In fact, many adults enjoy the results for up to a year or more. Juvederm® is safe and the treatments can be quickly repeated when needed in order to stay looking your best.

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