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by Slone Mathieu

The change in weather and climate conditions can certainly do a number on your face. When the temperatures drop, so does the moisture in the air. In turn, the air is forced to gather its water levels from other resources, including your skin. As a result we experience a dry, flaky, dull-looking complexion.

This layer of dying skin cells magnifies our fine lines and surface imperfections. They also prevent our products from actually penetrating and providing results. The tendency is to reach for more hydration – heavy creams, thick moisturizers, layer upon layer of lotions. The seasonal solution is to let the product work for you, and exfoliate first!

The average person knows that there are benefits to this process, but they don’t consider it until they’re looking less than fresh. And then what do they do? They grab some harsh product and scrub the skin within an inch of its life. Don’t work harder, work smarter…

Use a gentle hand, in circular motions to buff the skin. Follow with a warm water rinse and your favorite serum to replenish. Basic hydration, coupled with treatment products, should be layered to achieve the best results. I recommend a gentle scrub in the summer months, and a glycolic during the harsher, drier winter season. Yes, people, we have options beyond apricots!

If you’re uncertain about your skincare products and protocols Dr. Russo and Staff are there to answer your questions. If you’re already feeling tight and dry, try a professional exfoliation treatment coupled with a skin care consult. It’s time to get your home care routine ready for a healthy, happy, hydrated, holiday season. Book your appointment today.

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