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Skin Rejuvenation via PRP Therapy Joseph A Russo, MD

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Platelet-rich plasma therapy, known as PRP therapy for short, was originally designed to aid in the healing of damaged tendons and joints. In recent years, PRP has also been shown to accelerate the production of healthy skin cells because of the concentrated amount of growth factors contained in platelets.

At our practice in Boston PRP therapy uses the patient’s own blood as the source of growth factors. It’s an ideal treatment method for those who are wary about the possibility of contamination. Today’s PRP procedures are used not only to smooth out the facial features but also to help correct skin texture and skin tone problems.

How PRP Therapy Works

The blood is made up of water, salt, nutrients obtained from the food we eat, red cells, white cells, antibodies, and platelets. Platelets aid in clotting because they concentrate and form a mesh when exposed to the air. The platelets also contain special growth factors that help to accelerate the healing process, namely the production of replacement tissue.

When used for skin rejuvenation, concentrated counts of blood platelets included in a special liquid solution work the same way. The lower skin layers begin to develop new epidermis much more quickly, and this new tissue eventually gets lifted toward the surface. The result is smoother, healthier skin with fewer wrinkles and discolorations.

The Treatment Procedure

This procedure is combined with micro-needling for maximum results. This creates tiny channels in the skin, causing a response by the body. New tissue creation is accelerated.

The results aren’t immediate. In fact, a series of treatment sessions may be necessary in order to achieve the desired result. In the following months, the growth of new skin becomes evident. Since the platelets contain nutrients specific for tissue growth, dark regions such as injury scars and age spots also become less visible because healthy skin is growing above and surrounding these areas.

Advantages of PRP Therapy for Skin Rejuvenation

This procedure carries virtually no risks because no foreign agents or fluids are used. The patient need not worry about contamination from the introduction of someone else’s blood. Bleaching cannot occur because the skin itself is not subjected to chemicals or abrasive resurfacing. Today, PRP therapy is used to successfully treat a variety of unwanted skin conditions.

Your Blood Can Rejuvenate Your Skin

Platelets, when concentrated, can work magic. Find out how by scheduling a consultation with our specialist at the office of Joseph A. Russo, MD. You’ll be surprised to learn how easily PRP therapy can help you turn back the aging clock. We happily serve clients in the Boston and New England areas. We strive to provide the best PRP Therapy Boston has to offer, so Contact us today to schedule a consultation for PRP therapy!

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