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FACETITE in Boston, MA

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What is FaceTite?

Extra fat on your face may be hard to erase, no matter how much you diet. In addition, sagging can occur, particularly when you combine weight loss with aging. As an alternative to a traditional facelift, FaceTite is a minimally invasive procedure that can tighten your skin by up to 40% and get rid of extra fat on your face.

Approved by the FDA, FaceTite is the name for a handheld device that uses radiofrequency (RF) to reshape your face. Board-certified Boston plastic surgeon Joseph Russo, M.D., is an expert at facial procedures, including FaceTite. Dr. Russo knows that diet and exercise are not always enough to produce the results you want, particularly in your face, and can help you reach your cosmetic goals.

Benefits of FaceTite Treatment

Because our faces are the most visible parts of our body on a regular basis, it is the most likely way to feel self-conscious about your appearance, particularly in regards to sagging skin, jowls, double chin, or wrinkles on your face and neck.

FaceTite offers a solution to these issues by targeting fatty deposits and loose skin at the same time, allowing you to address different issues in the same treatment. FaceTite is also an easier treatment than a traditional facelift because there is no surgery, which means faster recovery time. Overall, FaceTite is a comfortable, quick way to treat fat and saggy skin on your face.

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Are You a Candidate for FaceTite?

Boston FaceTite expert Dr. Russo is ready to discuss your aesthetic goals, so in order to establish your eligibility for FaceTite, you will need to book a consultation.

This will allow him to conduct an exam, review your medical history, and discuss the kind of results you’re hoping to get. The best candidates for FaceTite are in good health, at a stable weight, between 30-60, and have mild to moderate loose skin on their face.

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FaceTite Procedure

This minimally invasive treatment is considered an outpatient procedure that will occur in the doctor’s office. You will not need sedation, although you will likely get a topical analgesic to numb the target area to be treated. The procedure times vary, particularly if you have more than one area treated, but can take up to 3 hours to complete. FaceTite consists of a narrow wand with two electrodes, which are used to transmit the RF energy waves through your skin. During the procedure for FaceTite Boston plastic surgeon Dr. Russo will make a small incision the size of a needle. This allows him to insert the wand and one of the electrodes, while the other electrode remains on top of your skin.

Once the machine is turned on, it begins to send RF energy between the two electrodes. This heats your tissue to a preprogrammed temperature, which will then work to tighten skin even as it stimulates increased production of collages. In addition, the RF energy heats up enough to melt your fat, which is also known as Radiofrequency-Assisted Lipolysis (RFAL). There is an internal temperature gauge to make sure your skin doesn’t overheat and the procedure remains comfortable for you.

Recovery After FaceTite

Because the incision is so tiny, recovery time is short, our Boston FaceTite patients are able to return to their normal daily activities between 2 days up to a week. The incision will not need any stitches and instead will naturally heal up without leaving any visible scarring on your skin.

FaceTite Results

By using RF energy, FaceTite can reduce fatty deposits while tightening your skin, which means you will see results directly after your procedure. This includes smoother skin with a firmer appearance.

Your results, however, will continue to develop, with 70% of your changes becoming prominent over the next 6-8 weeks. During this time, your skin will keep tightening, allowing you to notice more contours in your face. This is particularly noticeable after the swelling completely fades. In addition, your optimum results can continue to develop from 6 months to a year after treatment.

FaceTite Boston female patient model smiling at the camera

Your Consultation for FaceTite in Boston

If you would like to treat sagging skin and fatty deposits on your face without the hassle of complicated surgery, FaceTite can provide the results you’ve been looking for. Call or email today for a consultation with Dr. Russo and see if Facetite is right for you.

FaceTite FAQ

If you would like to improve sagging skin and eliminate fat on your face without an extended recovery time from surgery, FaceTite may be the best solution for you. This procedure allows you to treat every area of your face, including your eyelids, around your eyes, eyebrows, jowls, jawline, neck, cheeks, and fat deposits. Best of all, results are immediately visible.

Not really. During the procedure, your target area will be numb. Afterward, there may be some soreness and mild pain due to swelling and possible bruising, but you can take over-the-counter pain relievers to help reduce your discomfort.

FaceTite treatment costs change according to how many areas you decide to have treated and if you combine FaceTite with other procedures. Because this is considered an elective procedure, your insurance will not cover the costs and you will be responsible for payment. Fortunately, there are financing options available, as well as payment plans, so make sure to ask about them during your consultation.

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